Ensemble for modern music (1900-1950)

Music director: Arnaud Arbet

Founded by the composer and conductor Arnaud Arbet in 2022, Le Seuil Musical is an ensemble for the interpretation of modern music (1900-1950) and a platform for the encounter of the arts of this period. By placing the compositions in their artistic, historical, and private context, Le Seuil Musical, with its interpretative and pedagogical approach, gives the keys to apprehend the overcoming of the "musical thresholds" represented by Schönberg's atonality and serial music, Stravinsky's rhythmical explosion, and Debussy's freedom of form, among others. 

Le Seuil Musical presents the integrality of the works of the principal composers of this period with all their richness of sound, emotion and meaning.


Friday 24 May 2024 - 18:00 

Atelier Lyrique of Tourcoing

Schönberg, Berg, Bartók, Stravinsky, Arbet

Alexandra Untiedt, soprano
Vincent le Texier, bass-baritone
Kyoko Nojima, piano
Arnaud Arbet, presentation