Ensemble for modern music (1900-1950)

Music director: Arnaud Arbet


Spring 2023 : LSM in Paris and Tokyo ! 

Monday 27 March 2023 - 20:00. Paris 

Atelier de la Main d'Or. 9, passage de la Main d'Or. 75011 Paris

Schönberg : works in duo

Sonate for flute and piano op. 26 (after the wind quintet op. 26, 1923-1924)
Phantasy for violon and piano accompaniment op. 47 (1949)

Eric Lamb, flute
Fabien Roussel, violin
Kyoko Nojima, piano
Arnaud Arbet, presentation

Thursday 30 March 2023 - 20:00. Paris

Atelier de la Main d'Or. 9, passage de la Main d'Or. 75011 Paris

Webern : songs cycles for soprano and various ensembles op. 14 to 18

6 Songs after Poems by Georg Trakl for voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin and cello op. 14 (1917-1921)
5 Sacred Songs for voice, flute, clarinet (also bass clarinet), trumpet, harp and violin (also viola) op. 15 (1917-1922)
5 Canons on Latin Texts for voice, clarinet and bass clarinet op. 16 (1923-1924)
3 Folksongs for voice, violin (also viola), clarinet and bass clarinet op. 17 (1924-1925)
3 Songs for voice, Eb clarinet and guitar op. 18 (1925)

Ensemble Le Seuil Musical
Alexandra Untiedt, soprano
Arnaud Arbet, conductor
Yoichiro Ueno, violin 

Camille Coello, viola

Albert Kuchinski, violoncello

Strahinja Radoicic, flute

Michel Raison, clarinet/E flat clarinet

Eric Lamberger, clarinet/bass clarinet

Arthur Escriva, trumpet

Paola Aviles, harp

Caroline Delume, guitar

Combo-ticket for the 2 Parisian concerts 27.03.23 and 30.03.23 at a reduced price 

Friday 21 April 2023 - 10:00. Tokyo

European House - Ichikawa

Schönberg : his life and work

by Arnaud Arbet, founder of Le Seuil Musical

Sunday 30 April 2023 - 14:00. Tokyo

Artist Salon Dolce

Schönberg : Pierrot Lunaire op. 21

Le Seuil Musical in Japan
Saki Nakae, soprano
Arnaud Arbet, conductor